Process Monoflanges and Instrument Monoflanges are the most compact and cost-effective way for connecting process to pressure gauges or pressure transmitters.

Standard Valve Head Unit

Standard Valve Head Unit

Monoflanges – Standard Valve Head Unit
  • Integral Valve Seat
    Metal to metal seated
  • External Stem Thread
  • Interface of Stem and Needle
    Is above the packing
  • Non-rotating Needle
  • Back Seat
    Metal to metal secondary needle seal
  • Color Coded Dust Cap
    For operation thread protection
  • All Non-wetted Parts
    In 316 Stainless Steal

Anti-Tamper Valve Head Unit

Monoflanges – Standard Valve Head Unit
  • Valve can be operated
    With a special Anti-Tamper Key
  • Valve can be locked
    Reliably in every position required for example with a padlock
  • All other Features same
    As standard valve head unit

Outside Screw and Yoke Bolted Bonnet

Monoflanges – Standard Valve Head Unit
  • Bolted Bonnet
    4 bolts
  • Gland and PackingĀ 
    Are loaded by two bolts
  • Spring Washers
    For compensation of thermal expansion

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